Whimsical Asian Fare at its Finest

Whimsical Asian fare at its finest, Dragon Noodle Co. is the place to go for traditional Chinese food, sushi and a dining experience you're sure to remember. As you leave the casino to enter Dragon Noodle Co., you are instantly transported into another world, one where floating baby heads, dancing bok choy, leaping koi fish and other quirky interior touches are ready to greet you. Menu favorites include Hong Kong chow mein noodles with seafood, house-made BBQ pork buns—and just about everything off the sushi menu. As for drinks, the Dragon Noodle Lounge is where Dragon Noodle's own master mixologists create hand-crafted "tiki" cocktails. Everything here is full of imagination and flavor. So stop by and partake in your very own Dragon Noodle Co. experience - we guarantee you'll be glad you did.


Group Reservation 702.730.7965

Hours of operation

Mon - Sun 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM

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Casino Floor

Walking Directions

From the Lobby

Head through the lobby, towards the casino floor. Keep to the left as you walk through the lobby, walking directly past the concierge desk. Enter the casino floor, and you will immediately see the Food Court on your left hand side. Follow the casino floor all of the way down, passing Hit Lounge, and The Buffet. Continue on, and Dragon Noodle Lounge will be on the left hand side, across from Ignite Lounge.

Hours of operation

Mon - Sun 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM