There's a New Cone Dealer in Town

People around the world consider cows sacred. So do we. Because these loveable dairy-doers give us the good stuff. Then we freeze it. Flavor it. Churn and serve. Sometimes in a sandwich. Or crescendoed into a cone. It's not so much the shape that matters, as it is the consistency, care and craft. Because in our little world of enchantment there is no room for error. This is magic churned into straight cold silky sweetness.

Hours of operation

Mon - Sun 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Price Range



Venue Details


BLVD Plaza, Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

Walking Directions

From the Lobby

Head through the lobby, towards the casino floor. Keep to the left as you walk through the lobby, walking directly past the concierge desk. Enter the casino floor, and you will immediately see the Food Court on your left hand side. Follow the casino floor all of the way down, passing Hit Lounge and The Buffet. Continue on, and you will see several sets of glass doors at the end of the casino floor, directly past Ignite Lounge. Go through those doors and you will be outside in the BLVD Plaza. Continue on through the BLVD Plaza, keeping to the right. Follow the building around to the right once you pass Sambalatte, and the BLVD Creamery will be on your right hand side.

Hours of operation

Mon - Sun 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM