Lasting impression

To this end, the Monte Carlo offers a variety of banquet rooms and catering options to ensure that your meeting, reception, or other special event leaves a lasting impression. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to buffets, wines and desserts, our creative menus have just what you're looking for. And if you don't know what you're looking for, we've got an expert staff to assist you. They can also arrange for special entertainment, décor, favors, ice sculptures-you name it.


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A sampling of other things we can help you with:

Seating charts


Music & Entertainment

A/V Services

Exhibits & Displays

Room arrangements


Liability, obligations and equipment-damage waivers

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Catering Information


Seating may be set at round tables or in accordance with your requirements. A formal head table, gift table and/or guestbook table may be provided. If you plan to assign your guests to numbered tables, please advise us. Dance floor or platforms for staging are available at an additional charge of $100 each.


Monte Carlo offers a variety of linen colors to choose from.

Music and Entertainment

The Catering Department will be happy to recommend outside and entertainers. musicians House music is available at $25 per room.

Audio Visual Equipment

Monte Carlo has its own in-house audio visual department and trained technicians. Subcontracting of audio visual equipment is not permitted. Audio visual rental should be ordered directly through the Catering Department. Audio visual price list is available upon request. Telephone lines installed at $175 per phone directly through the PBX Department at 702.730.7090.

Ice Sculptures

With advance notice, suitable ice sculptures may be provided for decoration at an additional charge starting at $300. Arrangements for freshly cut floral centerpieces can be made through the Catering Department. Monte Carlo Catering Department will be the sole provider of ice sculptures and floral arrangements in the function rooms. Outside suppliers are not permitted.

Signs and Displays

Signs and displays are permitted provided they have been approved by the hotel in advance. Please be advised that signs and flip-chart paper may not be hung on walls. Easels are available upon request for posters. Whiteboards, flip charts and corkboards are not permitted in the public areas.


Favors can be placed on tables by hotel staff for a charge of $50. Otherwise, you may place them approximately one hour prior to function start.

Floor Plans

Floor plans for meetings and food and beverage functions with 300 people or more must be approved by the Clark County Fire Department 30 days prior to the date of the function(s). Therefore, all decorations, audio visual and room setup requirements must be received by the Catering Department no later than 45 days prior to the function(s). Floor plans are final once they are approved by the Fire Department. Therefore, no changes or alterations may be made with the exception of deleting equipment, tables and decorations. If requirements are not received by the Catering Department 45 days prior to the function(s), the room setup will be at the hotel’s discretion. Fire Department floor plan cost will be $250 per function(s).

Room Assignments

Location of functions is subject to change. Please do not distribute specific names of function rooms. Guests should be notified that functions will take place on the second floor in the function rooms.

Damage To Equipment or Facilities

You agree to be responsible for any damage to equipment or facilities during the time the function room is under your control, including but not limited to, damage or excessive clean-up resulting from florists, decorations or your outside agencies during setup or tear down.

Loss or Damage To Personal Property

Monte Carlo is not responsible for loss or damage to any property that you or your guests bring to Monte Carlo or leave at Monte Carlo before, during or after the use of the facilities. The function rooms are not secured.


Monte Carlo may require security officers for certain events. Only Monte Carlo security may be used at an hourly rate of $35.

Shipment of Packages

All packages for meetings and/or functions must be addressed as follows:

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
HOLD FOR (Guest’s Name and Arrival Date)

We are unable to accept any packages earlier than seven days prior to your group arrival date. Packages weighing more than 70 pounds cannot be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made through Business Services. There will be a handling charge for incoming and outgoing packages. Contact Business Services at 702.730.7265 for more information.

Exhibit/Display Tables

A charge of $25 per table will apply when two or more displays and/or tabletop exhibit tables are requested in a function room. Any function that has an admission charge or fee, or has merchandise for sale, must be approved and licensed by the Clark County Business License Department. A copy of the certificate must be presented to the Catering Office two weeks prior to the event.


You agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Monte Carlo,its employees and agents against all claims, losses or damages to persons or property, government charges, fines or costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or connected with your function or the function room, except those claims arising out of the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of Monte Carlo.


Catering Policies


If our obligations under this agreement are not met for any reason beyond our control, our failure is completely excused. We may cancel this agreement by returning your deposit. The following is a partial list of events that if they occur, would be considered reasons beyond our control: fire, extreme weather, strikes, labor disputes, accidents, government restrictions on travel, unavailability of goods or supplies, acts of war and acts of God. If for any reason a reserved function room is not available for the function, another function room of comparable quality will be substituted.


Guarantees for all functions must be received by the Catering Department at least three business days prior to the function. If no guarantee is received, the last received number of guests will be used as a guarantee. You will be charged the guaranteed number, or the number of guests actually served, whichever is greater. In addition, we will not
be obligated to serve or set for more than 3% above your guaranteed number.


All food and beverage prices are subject to Nevada state sales tax and Service Charge. Tax-exempt organizations must furnish a certificate of exemption to the Catering Department at least two weeks prior to the function.


Reception menus must meet a $45 per person minimum (minimum 50 guests)of in food and beverage, excluding taxes and gratuity.


All food and beverage prices listed are current and are subject to change without notice. Monte Carlo Catering Department will be the sole provider of all food and beverages served in the function room. No food or beverages may be removed from the function room by you or your guests.


A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve function rooms. Unless credit has been established in advance with Monte Carlo, the remainder is due two weeks prior to the function by cashier’s check or money order. You agree that by signing the banquet check for food, beverage and/or services, you acknowledge the fact that there is no dispute over such services and are solely responsible for the payment of the total amount due.


Displays, signs and decorations may not be used unless and until Monte Carlo gives written approval. Affixing any materials to the walls, floors, ceilings or furnishings is not permitted. Any banners that need to be displayed will be hung by Monte Carlo staff for a charge of $40 per banner. Any signs to be displayed or hung in the function rooms must
be of professional quality. Any decorations using candles or flames must first be approved two weeks prior to function by the Catering Department.


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